Rokita: Your Freedom, Your Family, Your Future - Budget Presentation

Representative Rokita's Traveling Budget Presentation
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Red Tape Rollback

Rokita works to identify and ultimately rollback or reform federal regulations that do the most damage to the state's economy.
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Student Success Act

The Student Success Act (SSA) puts an end to the administration’s National School Board by putting state and local school districts back in charge of their own schools.
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American Health Care Reform Act

Representative Todd Rokita and members of the Republican Study Committee’s Health Care Working Group unveiled the American Health Care Reform Act.
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The CHOICE Act takes important strides to expand flexibility in education, especially for non-traditional students. Instead of further empowering federal bureaucrats far removed from the classroom, this bill puts parents and students back in the driver’s seat.
Indiana has long been a leader in consumer-driven health care with the original Healthy Indiana Plan. Maintaining the principles of this highly successful program and expanding health care access to low-income Hoosiers, all without increasing costs to taxpayers, is a true victory.
Hoosiers deserve limited government that protects life. I believe that life begins at conception. If we are going to encourage a culture of life rather than one of death, we should never spend tax dollars on abortions or fund organizations that encourage the practice.
"Instead of seeking solutions or reaching out to America’s new Congress, the President has once again cast a vision for more government control, more spending, and more division.”
Rokita Report 1/19/2015 - Budget Vice Chair, Stopping Executive Amnesty & More

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