Rokita: Your Freedom, Your Family, Your Future - Budget Presentation

Representative Rokita's Traveling Budget Presentation
 Your Freedom, Your Family, Your Future - Budget Presentation feature image

Red Tape Rollback

Rokita works to identify and ultimately rollback or reform federal regulations that do the most damage to the state's economy.
Red Tape Rollback feature image

Student Success Act

The Student Success Act (SSA) puts an end to the administration’s National School Board by putting state and local school districts back in charge of their own schools.
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American Health Care Reform Act

Representative Todd Rokita and members of the Republican Study Committee’s Health Care Working Group unveiled the American Health Care Reform Act.
American Health Care Reform Act feature image
Representative Todd Rokita is again leading the charge to stand up for Hoosier Farmers.
Congressman Todd Rokita is leading the way with his House colleagues to protect Americans from Ebola in the absence of firm leadership from the Administration.
Congressman Todd Rokita joined fellow Indiana Congressmen Todd Young and Larry Buschon for a panel discussion of their state’s major north-south highway.
Representative Todd Rokita and bi-partisan members of the House and Senate have proposed practical solutions to stopping the spread of Africa’s deadly Ebola virus in the United States.
The 60 Plus Association today announced that Congressman Todd Rokita of Indiana’s fourth Congressional district has earned the group’s Guardian of Seniors’ Rights award.

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