April 13

Rokita Report 4-13-12

Rokita Report 4-13-12

April 9

Rokita Reading: The Rising Price of the Falling Dollar

As featured in the April 10 Rokita Report

April 9

Rokita Reading: The Endless Spending Spree

As featured in the April 10, 2012 Rokita Report

April 5

Rokita Report 4-5-12

Rokita Report for Wednesday, April 5, 2012

April 2

Rokita Reading: Apple cash staying overseas because of taxes, company says

Article featured in Rokita Report 4-5-12

March 29

Rokita Votes in Support of Budget to Save Taxpayers $5 Trillion Over Ten Years

Representative Todd Rokita (IN-4) today voted in support of the Path to Prosperity, a FY2013 budget proposal that would save taxpayers $5 trillion more over ten years than President Obama’s proposal. The Path to Prosperity includes provisions from Rokita’s State Health Flexibility Act which saves taxpayers an additional $120 billion over ten years.

March 27

Rokita Reading: Liberty and Obamacare

Rokita Reading included in Rokita Report 3-27-12

March 27

Rokita Reading: Bad Medicine: IPAB, Medicare costs

Column included in Rokita Report on March 27, 2012

March 27

Rokita Report 3-27-12

Rokita Report 3-27-12

March 20

Rokita Report 3-20-12

Rokita Report for March 20, 2012