September 11

09-11-15 - Rokita Report - The Iran Nuclear Deal and Planned Parenthood

I hope you’ll join me in remembering those we lost on that day and honoring the members of our military and the first-responders who answered the call without hesitation. Today we remember and give thanks for all of those who have sacrificed to keep our great republic free.

September 4

09-04-2015 ROKITA REPORT - Wishing You A Happy Labor Day Weekend

Wishing you a happy Labor Day weekend and discuss education and access to health care.

August 28

08-28-15 Rokita Report - August Wrap-Up and Information for Farmers

In this week's Rokita Report I summarize my activities in the District during August.

August 21

08-21-15 - Rokita Report - Fighting for Schools and Transportation Infrastructure

In this week's Rokita Report I discuss highway funding, reducing our dept and give an update on the Planned Parenthood investigations.

August 14

08-14-15 - Rokita Report - Helping Farmers and Veterans

In this week's Rokita Report, I discuss the U.S. Department of Agriculture's disaster relief approval for Hoosier farmers and my "mission" to fly families for the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC).

July 31

07-31-15 Rokita Report - Reining in Federal Overregulation and VA Accountability

In this week's Rokita Report, I discuss a Rokita Reading and how I am fighting to rein in federal overregulation in Washington.

July 24

07-24-15 Rokita Report - Negotiating Defense Bill and Fighting for Hoosier Farmers

In this week's Rokita Report, I discuss a Rokita Reading, my appointment as a conferee for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and an update on legislation.