Press Releases

September 22

Hardworking Hoosiers Demand Tax Reform

Issues: Tax Reform

As hardworking Hoosiers, both Vice President Pence and I understand how the U.S. tax code is burdensome.

September 19

Rokita: Trump Showed Strong, Clear Stance to the UN

But, the American people must always come first just like the citizens of each other country should come first for their government. This is the way to achieve peace and I am proud to stand with President Trump to work towards this goal.

September 14

Rokita, DeVos—Allies on School Choice

Issues: Education

I am proud to stand as an ally to Secretary DeVos, President Trump, and Vice President Pence in ensuring our kids have options when it comes to education.

September 8

Rokita Fights Raising the Debt Ceiling

I voted against suspending the debt ceiling today because we cannot continue to spend recklessly and jeopardize the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.

September 6

Rokita Welcomes Delta’s Investment in Indiana

Issues: Transportation

The United States has the best air ecosystem in the world and Indiana continues to play an important role with yet another milestone in aviation coming through the announcement that Delta Airlines will now have direct flights from Indianapolis to Paris, France.

September 6

Rokita Calls for Responsible Relief Efforts

Americans expect their federal government to be there in times of national crisis. While I strongly disagree with the process, I voted to give Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) additional funding to deal with the disaster relief in Texas and Louisiana, and lay the groundwork for a response for a potentially devastating hurricane strike in Florida and up the east coast.

August 30

Rokita Backs Bipartisan Tax Reform

Issues: Tax Reform

We absolutely need to reform our tax code in order to help Hoosiers. I stand as an ally with President Trump and Vice President Pence as we pursue bipartisan tax reform through Congress.

August 29


Issues: Veterans

Our men and women in uniform put their lives on the line every day for our safety and our freedom. Their selfless service to our country is something we all appreciate.

August 22

Rokita Comments on President Trump’s Afghanistan Announcement

President Trump and Vice President Pence have proven that our national security is a priority for this Administration. I believe this decision regarding Afghanistan and the region comes after intense deliberation especially since the review on U.S. policy began day one of the Administration.

August 16

Rokita Supports Our Allies

I am glad to see so many Hoosiers standing up in support of our ally and I am proud to stand with you.