Press Releases

June 26

Congressman Rokita Commends Supreme Court Decision

I stood behind President Trump and Vice President Pence when they issued this executive order on immigration and I continue to stand by them today.

June 22

Moving Our Government Into the 21st Century

It is great to see President Trump, Vice President Pence, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and our Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue talking with American farmers about ways technology is helping their industry. As an advocate for Indiana’s farmers, I’m proud to see the Administration take this step.

June 16

Rokita Congratulates Class of 2017

Congratulations to all of the high school and college graduates from the Class of 2017. An education is one of the most valuable things in our world. It can take you anywhere you want to go and I am excited to see where it takes you.

June 14

Rokita Statement About Shooting at Congressional Baseball Practice

Many of those on the practice field today are my friends. Steve Scalise is a leader, a mentor and a good friend to me.

June 13

Rokita is Reforming the Veterans Administration

Issues: Veterans

The VA is an important institution that helps our veterans, but we can’t let it lose sight of this mission. We need to keep our promises to our veterans.

June 13

Rokita Celebrates Evansville Bishop

Bishop Thompson has been a leader in the Evansville promoting faith and community. As Archbishop, he will be able to continue guiding so many individuals in their faith.

June 8


Dodd-Frank was a knee-jerk government reaction to a financial crisis that the government created. The way to solve it wasn’t to create more government and to choose a one size fits all solution, but that’s what my democratic colleagues created and it has handicapped our economy.

June 4

Rokita Statement Following Terrorist Attack in Europe

This attack serves as the latest tragic reminder that the United States must remain relentless in confronting and destroying ISIS, and implementing policies to prevent ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists from infiltrating our country.”

June 2

Rokita Supports Trump’s Efforts to Keep Our Nation Safe

We need to keep our country safe and President Trump and Vice President Pence's plans will help prevent another horrific tragedy within our borders.

June 1

Rokita Submits Prayers for the Western Wall

Congressman Rokita was invited by Speaker Edelstein of the Knesset to submit wishes or prayers to be placed at the Western Wall.