Rokita Hosts Community Conversations This December

Join Congressman Rokita in Community Conversations he is hosting in Rensselaer and Plainfield.
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Student Success Act

The Student Success Act (SSA) puts an end to the administration’s National School Board by putting state and local school districts back in charge of their own schools.
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Red Tape Rollback

Rokita works to identify and ultimately rollback or reform federal regulations that do the most damage to the state's economy.
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Your Freedom, Your Family, Your Future - Rokita's Budget Presentation

Representative Rokita's Traveling Budget Presentation
Representative Rokita's Traveling Budget Presentation
“I commend the Mooresville school officials, teachers, and police department for their vigilance. Cooperation between school officials and law enforcement ensured this plan never came to fruition. Communication, like Mooresville demonstrated yesterday, was a key discussion at the School Safety Summit I hosted last week,” said Rokita.
I have visited over 30 schools during the last few years where we discussed school safety. I have also studied school safety technology with the security industry and best practices with law enforcement. One of the things I learned is that those groups were not always talking with each other. Today’s event is meant to reverse that," said Rep. Rokita.
This bill honors our Constitutional duty to the American people to keep them safe by requiring the Obama Administration to verify that any refugees from Syria or Iraq entering the United States have no terrorist or radical sympathies," Rep. Todd Rokita
“As we move through this negotiation process we must remember that our children’s future is at stake. How we educate our children today will determine how they will develop as the leaders of tomorrow. My goal is to make sure the conservative reforms and policies of the Student Success Act that put parents, teachers, school boards, and states in control, are incorporated as much as possible into the final proposal,” said Rep. Rokita.
“It is not the National Labor Relations Board’s place to impinge upon the employment preferences of sovereign tribes, just as it is not able to do so with state and local governments. Tribal governments alone, accountable to their tribal members and employees, should decide the labor practices for the entities they own on their own lands, just as state and local governments can now do under the NLRA. Drawing this line in statute not only helps tribal government, it also helps remind the executive branch of the sovereignty of state and local governments,” said Rep. Rokita.

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