Student Success Act

The Student Success Act (SSA) puts an end to the administration’s National School Board by putting state and local school districts back in charge of their own schools.
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Red Tape Rollback

Rokita works to identify and ultimately rollback or reform federal regulations that do the most damage to the state's economy.
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Rep. Rokita and Sen. Rubio (FL) introduce the RAISE Act

Rep. Rokita and Sen. Rubio (FL) introduce the RAISE Act for merit-based pay raises and bonuses.
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Your Freedom, Your Family, Your Future - Rokita's Budget Presentation

Representative Rokita's Traveling Budget Presentation
Representative Rokita's Traveling Budget Presentation
"Our veterans have earned our respect and we have to keep our word to them by making sure the VA system delivers the best care in the world. This starts by holding the right people accountable," Rep. Todd Rokita.
"This will restore congressional responsibility and accountability in the regulatory process and ensure that new major rules serve their intended purpose and do not unnecessarily burden the job-creating businesses that our economy needs to grow," said Rep. Rokita.
We must strike a balance between government regulation of the private sector and consumer protections for the health and safety of all Americans. Nothing prohibits organic and non-GMO food companies from advertising said facts so that consumers can be fully informed.
"One of the foremost functions of government is to provide for the common defense. As a conferee, I will continue to fight for programs that benefit the critical role the state of Indiana plays in ensuring our national security. As the House works with our Senate colleagues, I am confident we can work through our differences and pass this critical piece of legislation.”
The NLRB asserting jurisdiction over enterprises owned and operated by these tribes violates their sovereignty. This bill makes it very clear that tribal businesses on tribal lands are free to operate with the same autonomy provided to any other sovereign body.

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