Committees and Caucuses

I am a member of the following committees:

House Committee on Budget
The Budget Committee is charged with responsibilities under the following categories: the budget resolution, reconciliation, budget process reform, and oversight of the Congressional Budget Office.

  Rep. Rokita serves as Vice Chairman of the Budget Committee. 

House Committee on Education and the Workforce
The Education and the Workforce Committee oversees programs that affect hundreds of millions of Americans—from school teachers and small business owners to students and retirees.

   Rep. Rokita serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education

House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has jurisdiction over aviation, maritime and water transportation, highways, bridges, mass transit, railroads, clean water and waste management, transport of resources by pipeline, flood damage reduction, the management of federally owned real estate and public buildings, the development of economically depressed rural and urban areas, disaster preparedness and response, and hazardous materials transportation. 


I am a member of the following caucuses:

American Sikh Congressional Caucus, Member 

Bipartisan Congressional Aluminum Caucus, Member   

Bipartisan Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, Member        

Congressional Caucus on Coal, Member

Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, Member

Congressional Caucus on Modern Agriculture, Member

Congressional Caucus on Turkey and Turkish Relations, Member             

Congressional Diabetes Caucus, Member            

Congressional Dyslexia Caucus, Member             

Congressional Farmer Cooperative Caucus, Member

Congressional Israel Victory Caucus, Member    

Congressional Medical Technology Caucus, Member     

Congressional Pilot's Caucus, Member 

Congressional School Choice Caucus, Member  

Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus, Member     

Congressional Taiwan Caucus, Member

House Automotive Caucus, Member     

House General Aviation Caucus, Member           

Interstate 69 Congressional Caucus, Member    

Republican Study Committee, Steering Committee Member