December 2

12-2-2017 Rokita Report

This week's Rokita Report discusses secret settlements, the service of our veterans, and more.

November 23

11-23-2017 Rokita Report

This week's Rokita Report includes a Thanksgiving greeting, discusses my visit to Grissom, and efforts on tax reform.

November 17

11-17-2017 Rokita Report

Celebrating Veterans Day and discussing the importance of recent House tax reform legislation.

November 10

11-10-2017 Rokita Report

Defending Small Businsses and holding an important hearing on the opioid crisis.

August 11

8-11-17 Rokita Report

Meeting with Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Paul Zukunft

August 6

8-6-2017 Rokita Report

Advancing a Better Budget and Advocating for General Aviation

July 28

7-28-17 Rokita Report

Legislative Update on Healthcare, Security and Sanctions

July 20

7-20-17 Rokita Report

"Building A Better America" Through A Balanced Budget

July 14

7-14-2017 Rokita Report

Protecting Our Country By Providing For Our Troops Through NDAA Bill

July 8

7-8-2017 Rokita Report

Congressman Rokita Wishes You A Happy Independence Day and Provides A Legislative Update