February 3

2-3-2017 Rokita Report

Empowering Parents and Students through School Choice

January 28

1-28-2017 Rokita Report

Discussing the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision on its 44th Anniversary

January 20

1-20-2017 Rokita Report

Celebrating the Inauguration of President Trump

January 14

1-14-2017 Rokita Report

A Pilot's Perspective on the FAA Third Class Medical Rule

January 6

1-6-2017 Rokita Report

Congratulations to Former Indiana Senator, Dan Coats on his Nomination for Director of Intelligence

December 12

12-12-2016 Rokita Report

Ignite the Future Event in Celebration of Indiana's Bicentennial

December 10

12-10-2016 Rokita Report

Happy 200th Birthday Indiana

December 4

12-4-2016 Rokita Report

Indiana's Biotech Community to Benefit from 21st Century Cures Act

November 24

11-24-2016 Rokita Report

Wishing Indiana A Happy Thanksgiving

November 18

11-18-2016 Rokita Report

Honoring Veterans and Welcoming the New Administration