November 4

11-04-2016 Rokita Report

Building Hoosier Homes and Standing Up to Big Government

October 29

10-29-2016 Rokita Report

Meeting with Hoosiers to Discuss School Choice

October 21

10-21-2016 Rokita Report

Supporting Indiana Farmers and Freight Jobs

October 15

10-15-2016 Rokita Report

Celebrating Indiana's Bicentennial and Supporting Education

October 8

10-08-2016 Rokita Report

Fighting Reckless Spending and Maintaining National Security

September 23

9-23-2016 Rokita Report

Supporting Our Children and Standing Up to Iran

September 15

09-15-2016 Rokita Report

Fighting to Offer Hoosiers More Educational Opportunities

September 3

09-03-2016 Rokita Report

Supporting Young Hoosiers Become Our Nation's Future Leaders

August 28

8-28-2016 Rokita Report

Rebuilding Hoosier Homes

August 12

8-12-2016 Rokita Report

Setting the Nation's Voter-ID Precedent and Indiana's New Supreme Court Justice