August 5

8-05-2016 Rokita Report

Hoosiers in the Olympics and Standing By Our Law Enforcement Officers

July 30

7-30-2016 Rokita Report

Discussing State Responsibilities, Lafayette Vietnam Memorial, and COYC Responses

July 22

7-22-2016 Rokita Report

Respecting Law Enforcement, CBO Report on Federal Spending, & More

July 16

7-16-2016 Rokita Report

Restoring Checks and Balances, Protecting Hoosier Infrastructure, & More

July 8

7-8-2016 Rokita Report

Restoring the Power of the Purse, Addressing Hoosier Teachers, & More

July 2

7-2-2016 Rokita Report

What They're Saying on Child Nutrition Reauthorization, Happy 4th of July, & More

June 25

6-25-2016 Rokita Report

My Reaction to This Week's Political Stunt, Upcoming Public Meetings, & More

June 18

6-18-2016 Rokita Report

Happy Father's Day Wishes, My Education Update Speech, & More

June 10

6-10-2016 Rokita Report

Welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Chairing a Hearing on Budget Reforms

June 3

6-3-2016 Rokita Report

Childhood Nutrition Myths and Truths