April 29

4-29-2016 Rokita Report

Five Co-sponsored Bills passed, and more

April 22

4-22-2016 Rokita Report

Improving childhood nutrition, and helping Hoosier workers prepare for retirement.

April 16

4-16-2016 Rokita Report

Protecting Hoosier Manufacturers and Receiving the National Policymaker Award

April 5

04-05-2016 Rokita Report

Congressman Rokita wishes you and your families a very Happy Easter, and visits constituents.

March 26

3-26-2016 Rokita Report

Remembering Deputy Koontz, and Protecting Student Privacy

March 20

3-20-2016 Rokita Report

Reforming our National Debt, and more.

March 17

03-17-2016 Rokita Report

Congressman Rokita met with constituents in the district to discuss our national debt, transportation and infrastructure, and the conservative movement.

February 13

2-13-2016 Rokita Report

Addressing the Indiana State Legislature, oversight hearing on local education control, and more.

January 13

1-13-2016 Rokita Report

1-13-2016 Rokita Report

January 8

1-8-2016 Rokita Report

1-8-2016 Rokita Report