Celebrating Small Business Week, Mueller Should Provide Evidence or End Investigation, & More

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Thank you for the opportunity to update you on the work of the 115th Congress.  I trust this finds you and your family well, as we work together to bring Hoosier common sense to Washington.

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In this week's Rokita Report

Small Business Week

This week is Small Business Week.  Two-thirds of all jobs created in the United States are made by small businesses and they employ 1.2 million Hoosiers.  As your Representative, ensuring that small businesses have an environment that they can thrive in is essential.

As part of President Trump's pro-jobs agenda, we are rolling back Washington red tape and cutting taxes.  In 2017, for every new regulation introduced by the Trump Administration, twenty-two were cut.  This includes onerous energy regulations like the Clean Power Plan.  All Hoosiers, including our small businesses, are seeing the benefits of this regulatory rollback, and power companies and agencies across the state have been over to lower their utility rates.

As a result of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, taxes are down for Hoosier families and businesses.  Small businesses are paying taxes at a lower rate and able to take advantage of immediate deductions as they expand their businesses.  I look forward to continuing to fight for Hoosier job creators during Small Business Week and all weeks.

National Day of Prayer

Thursday was the National Day of Prayer.  The day is meant to be one of reflection and prayer across our great nation.  On the day, people are asked to turn to God in prayer and meditation.  For Thursday, President Trump issued a proclamation declaring the National Day of Prayer and continued a tradition that dates back to the American Revolutionary War and President George Washington.

I have no doubt about the awesome power of prayer.  Prayer humbles us and brings us closer to God.  By doing so, we can find a strength within us that is greater than what we think we have.  I often pray for strength and guidance in my work as your Representative and as a father.  I hope that you seek prayer on more days than just the National Day of Prayer.

Mueller Should Update Public on Investigation

Thursday, I introduced a House Resolution demanding that Robert Mueller produce evidence of collusion to the House of Representatives, or end the investigation within 30 days.

The Mueller investigation has dragged on for nearly a year at a cost of tens of millions of dollars without producing a shred of evidence of collusion—the matter it was tasked with investigating in the first place.  I expect a valid progress report within the next 30 days or the investigation should be terminated.  No one in government should be without accountability, and for many Americans, this investigation looks more like an attempt by the Washington elite to destroy President Trump with innuendo, leaks, and baseless allegations than to provide justice.

I understand the constraints and importance of diligent investigative work, but the public cannot be held in the dark.  As Indiana’s Secretary of State, I oversaw security investigations and delivered 300 years of jail time for criminals.  I believe in the rule of law, and accountability for those tasked with investigating alleged violations of the law.

President Trump's Global Leadership

President Trump has ended the policies of leading from behind and is creating a bold new age of American leadership.  North Korea has joined the negotiating table, our allies recognize that defense costs have to be shared, and Israel finally sees that it has a real friend - a turnaround from eight years of neglect and blame under President Obama.

As Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jung Un and President Trump is in ongoing talks to meet with him, too.  For years, North Korea has made bombastic statements and tested nuclear missiles without repercussions, but now President Trump’s hardline rhetoric and response has brought them back to the negotiating table.

In Iran, President Trump is showing leadership.  Rather than allow Iran to continue its nuclear weapons program and funding of terrorism, he has made it clear that United States is expecting significant changes.  The failures of the deal have become clear after Prime Minister Netanyahu presented clear proof to the world that Iran continues to cheat the system.

Thank you for your continued interest in Congress and for supporting my efforts to bring Hoosier common sense to Washington. Take care. 


Todd Rokita

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Recent Photos

Pizza Hut

This Small Business Week, I was reminded of Hoosier franchisees.  While they may sell the product of a larger company, franchisees are small businesses.  Earlier this month, I met with the owners of several Pizza Huts in Indiana to discuss small business issues. 

Land O Lakes

Land O' Lakes is a major agriculture cooperative with nearly 5,000 member-owners across the Midwest, including in Indiana.  As the House considers new Farm Bill legislation, I made sure to hear from Hoosier members.

Franciscan Health

Dr. Mercy Obeime, of the Franciscan Alliance, discussed the impact of the opioid crisis on healthcare with me.  Franciscan Alliance is Indiana's largest Catholic hospital system.

Miami City

The Miami County Chamber of Commerce visited my office to discuss the importance of Grissom Air Reserve Base.  Centrally located, Grissom serves as an important national strategic asset.


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