6-3-2017 Rokita Report

Jun 3, 2017 Issues: Education, Veterans

Dear Fellow Hoosier,

Thank you for the opportunity to update you on the work of the 115th Congress.  I trust this finds you and your family well, as we work together to bring Hoosier common sense to Washington.

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In this week's Rokita Report

  • Lifting the Burden of Student Loans
  • Hoosier Memorial Day Commemorations
  • Western Wall Prayers


Lifting the Burden of Student Loans

Last week, I introduced H.R. 2725, the Student Loan Lower Interest Rate and Lower Monthly Payment Refinancing Act, with my colleague Congressman Alcee Hastings from Florida.  This bipartisan bill will put money back in students’ pockets.

Currently, more than 43 million Americans borrow money from the federal government for their education and the total student loan debt is an astounding $1.3 trillion to the federal government.  While interest rates on new federal student loans are approximately 3.8 percent, there are still millions of American stuck with student loans with much higher interest rates that can take years to pay off.

Under my bill, many loan holding Americans would have the opportunity to refinance their federal loans and take advantage of new lower market rates - much like how Americans can refinance other loans including their mortgage.  This legislation would save nearly $20 billion from federal student loan programs over the course of the next decade.  This would be a great step toward creating flexibility that will help former, current, and future students achieve their dreams.



Hoosier Memorial Day Commemorations

This past Monday, Americans across the country took the time to celebrate Memorial Day, honoring fallen veterans who dedicated their lives to serving our country. This Memorial Day weekend, Team Rokita had the privilege of traveling the state, attending Memorial Day commemorations. Among these visits to breakfasts, salutes, and services, Team Rokita got to speak with many veterans who put their lives on the line for us. We owe them, and all of those who have fallen, our deepest gratitude.

The sacrifices that these veterans made, and are still making, were a response to the duty that they were called to, to serve our country on the frontlines. Like Bob Powers, a man I met at the Ladoga Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast. Bob answered the call almost sixty-six years ago, when he left to go serve in the Marines. Our nation is a safer place because of sacrifices that people like Bob make.

Bob Powers graduated from Ladoga High School and started working at R. R. Donnelley in 1950, but joined the marines afterwards.  The Paper of Montgomery County recently did a profile on him.  Thank you Bob for your service.

In the face of mounting opposition across the world, Memorial Day serves as a reminder of the virtues that we continue to fight for each and every day: freedom, democracy, and justice. With the global terrors and dangers that we see striking fear into people around the world every day, it is imperative that our commitment to these virtues is stronger than ever. I extend my deepest and most sincere gratitude to all of those who have served our country, and extend my prayers and support to those currently fighting for our safety. As Abraham Lincoln said in his second inaugural address, “let us strive to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations” The best way we can honor those who have served is to fight to maintain the Republic, and the values for which it stands.



Western Wall Prayers

On June 1, I wrote to Speaker of the Israeli Knesset Yuli-Yoel Edelstein.  The Knesset is Israel’s legislative body.  I thanked Speaker Edelstein for inviting me to participate in celebrating the 50th year anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem by exchanging prayers.  The prayers will be placed between the sacred stones of the Western Wall.  Placing prayers in the Western Wall is a centuries old tradition. My prayer can be found here. I ask for peace in our world and for the Lord’s guidance in my work. I am honored to place my players at the Western Wall.

I admire Israel’s perseverance. The United States and Israel share common values and joint interests, and this solidarity contributes to the strength of our relationship. We both share a commitment to freedom, democracy, and entrepreneurship. I am proud that Israel can call the United States an ally and look forward to strengthening our relationship. 


Thank you for your continued interest in Congress and for supporting my efforts to bring Hoosier common sense to Washington. Take care.  


Todd Rokita