President Obama Lies About ObamaCare Choices, Crawfordsville Woman with Cancer Suffers the Consequences

Jan 10, 2014 Issues: Health


January 9, 2014

President Obama Lies About ObamaCare Choices, Crawfordsville Woman with Cancer Suffers the Consequences

When the President sold Hoosiers his health care reform plan – ObamaCare – he made many promises.  He promised consumers would be empowered with choices, Americans could keep their health care, health care would be more affordable, and our national debt would be reduced.  We now know that the President was pedaling outright falsehoods that have serious consequences for Hoosier families.

Representative Rokita has been sharing the many stories he has received about the harmful impact ObamaCare has had on Hoosiers.  He shared the story below on the House floor on Thursday, January 16, 2014.  You can view the remarks here.

Take for instance Janet in Crawfordsville, who recently underwent treatment for cancer and has been in the process of radiation treatment following surgical treatment of her cancer. 

Janet with her husband Steve

Janet recently lost her job and the insurance provided through her severance package would be ending soon.  Her family faced the decision to either continue the same coverage under COBRA at $2300 per month or enroll in an ObamaCare plan.  She was skeptical of the process of enrolling in ObamaCare, but as the end date of her employer insurance loomed, she was glad to hear that the President and his team had fixed the enrollment process.

Imagine Janet’s frustration when she encountered problem after bureaucratic problem and glitch after glitch throughout the enrollment process.  Eventually, Janet had to enroll via US mail.  Upon what she believed was her successful enrollment, Janet submitted the appropriate payments for her coverage.  Unfortunately, there has not been any kind of confirmation that those payments were received and that she is 100% enrolled in her plan, nor has there been anyone at either the federal government or the insurer who can verify this either.  She continues to receive notices that payment is due.

It doesn’t end there.  Janet was also informed that she could no longer continue her cancer treatment with her doctor of choice, as the provider would only be able to accept certain plans through the ObamaCare exchanges.  This was not one of those plans and it was virtually impossible to verify this during the enrollment period.  She would be able to continue her care with a 60-mile roundtrip to a new doctor that she has never met several times per week.  ObamaCare has only served to exacerbate an already trying and complicated health issue with bureaucratic red tape and terrible customer service.

Like many Hoosiers, Janet was misled by President Obama.  She feels as though her choice in medical care providers has been taken away.  She is limited to one set of providers which hardly allows her to find the best service at the lower price.  This is hardly the competition that the President said would be created under his health plan.

Representative Rokita continues to receive stories from Hoosiers about how ObamaCare has done the complete opposite of what was promised when it was sold to the American people.  The fight to repeal and replace this insidious law continues.  Hoosiers deserve a better way to health care reform.

Learn more about Representative Rokita’s patient-centered and market-based reform – the American Health Care Reform Act.