A Conservative Win

Oct 5, 2017 Issues: Spending Cuts and Debt

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A Conservative Win


WASHINGTON, D.C.--“This budget is a conservative win,” said Vice Chairman of the Budget Committee Congressman Todd Rokita. “Our country has been spending irresponsibly for too long and it has resulted in an out-of-control debt. With this budget, the House of Representatives is reforming mandatory spending and helping stop this financial crisis. Reforming mandatory spending allows our country to focus on our friends and neighbors who are most vulnerable and who truly need help without shackling future generations with the bill. This budget can help shift the culture in Washington towards responsible policies and it can help move our country towards self-reliance instead of government reliance.”

Rokita serves on the Budget Committee as Vice Chair where he helps push through fiscally responsible policies. This budget,  with the leadership of Congressman Rokita, passed committee with unanimous Republican support. The budget passed the House with 219 votes.

“The budget passed in the House today balances the budget, opens the door for tax reform, finances the rebuilding of our military, and reforms mandatory spending. Each of these changes will help our economy grow, jumpstart tax reform, and help people who really need it,” continued Rokita.