It's Time to Stop the War on Coal

Oct 10, 2017 Issues: Energy

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It's Time to Stop the War on Coal


WASHINGTON, D.C.--The Trump administration announced an end to harmful EPA regulations on Monday. Congressman Rokita released the following statement commending their efforts.

“President Trump is working to stop the EPA from hurting the American people while protecting our environment.  By eliminating former President Obama's misguided Clean Power Plan, job opportunities will be created for Hoosiers and economic growth for our entire nation will result. Currently, in Indiana, more than 2,500 Hoosiers are employed by the coal industry and the industry brings more than $750 million to our state’s economy, but that is only the beginning for jobs in this industry.”

“Even though significant aspects of climate change are likely the result of natural phenomenon, extremist liberal policies like Obama’s have continued to restrain our nation’s potential. American workers are paying the price for elitist liberal policies. It’s time to stop President Obama’s war on coal.”