Making our Nation Safe and Secure

Jul 6, 2017

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Rokita: Making our Nation Safe and Secure

Washington, D.C.--“American families should feel safe walking together, driving home, or visiting a convenience store. But for three families that lost one of their loved ones, that feeling of safety is gone,” said Congressman Todd Rokita.

More than three years ago Kate Steinle was shot and killed by a man who had been deported five times and had been convicted of multiple felonies. Two years ago last January Grant Ronnebeck was murdered at a convenience store by a convicted felon out on bond while facing deportation. A year ago last January Sarah Root was killed by an illegal alien drunk driving.

“I want to make sure families don’t feel the kind of pain Kate’s Grant’s, and Sarah’s felt. That’s why last week we passed two bills: Kate’s Law and No Sanctuary for Criminals Act (Sarah and Grant’s Law). These bills are common sense legislation that ensures federal immigration efforts cannot be combated by sanctuary cities. This legislation also enhances penalties for those cities. This is one way we can keep our families safe and our nation more secure.”