Red Tape Rollback Victory – Blackburn, Rokita Fight Back Against Destructive Obama Ceiling Fan Regulation

Jul 10, 2013 Issues: Economy and Jobs, Energy


July 10, 2013                                                                     

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Red Tape Rollback Victory – Blackburn, Rokita Fight Back Against Destructive Obama Ceiling Fan Regulation

(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita, a member of the House Budget Committee, released the following statement after passage of an amendment he introduced with Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) to fight back against burdensome regulations being imposed on American ceiling fan manufacturers by the Obama Administration’s Department of Energy (DOE). 

            “The disregard the Obama Energy Department bureaucrats have for the practical implications of their red tape is outrageous.  Instead of enacting policies to ensure Americans have access to abundant, affordable energy—the life blood of our economy—they are issuing regulations attacking ceiling fans, the most energy efficient cooling devices on the market.  These counterproductive regulations will only drive up the prices of ceiling fans and encourage the use of less energy efficient cooling systems.  This is yet another example of this administration double dipping in the pockets of Americans: using taxpayer dollars to raise prices on consumers,” said Rokita. 

            Blackburn added, “These new regulations will curb increased consumer trends, which currently include placing ceiling fans in laundry rooms, closets and master bathrooms.  In short, new DOE regulations will increase energy use, decrease consumer choice, and increase the price tag for less aesthetically pleasing designs which could price some consumers out of the energy efficiency market which hurts the overall goal of energy savings,” said Blackburn. 

Rokita’s floor remarks can be viewed here.

Blackburn and Rokita secured a provision in H.R. 2609, the Fiscal Year 2014 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill, that would prevent any funds from being used by DOE to finalize, implement, or enforce the proposed “Standards Ceiling Fans and Ceiling Fan Light Kits” rule.

Ceiling fans and ceiling fan light kits already face existing regulations set in place by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT 2005).  These existing provisions burden the ceiling fan industry with ineffective mandates.  However, on March 11, 2013, the Department of Energy (DOE) released a 101-page rulemaking framework document evaluating potential energy-savings requirements on ceiling fans through new regulations.  The new regulations being considered by DOE would significantly impair the ability of ceiling fan manufacturers to produce reasonably priced, highly decorative fans.  These regulations would not only place a higher price tag on less aesthetically pleasing designs but could increase homeowners’ reliance on other cooling systems that consume more electricity.

Rokita began work on this issue as part of his Red Tape Rollback program, which he began in2011.  The Red Tape Rollback program works with Hoosier businesses and workers to identify costly, and often nonsensical, regulations that hinder economic and job growth.  For more information on the program please visit the Red Tape Rollback site



Rokita’s Remarks as prepared-

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  I rise today in strong support of the Amendment offered by my friend, the Gentlelady from Tennessee.

 Remember when were told to keep our tires properly inflated and get a regular tune up to save fuel? 

 People snickered.  That is an energy policy? 

 At least those ideas had potential to actually save some energy, albeit a drop in the bucket given our country’s need for abundant, affordable energy. 

 But the Department of Energy’s proposed regulation to impose destructive and unnecessary energy efficiency standards for ceiling fans, like much of their agenda, is completely counterproductive.

 It’s big government run amuck. 

 It’s an example of the complete disregard bureaucrats have for the practical implications of the regulations they issue. 

 The Department of Energy contends that a certain amount of energy would be saved by requiring greater efficiency from ceiling fans.

 Of course, that ignores the fact that ceiling fans are already far more energy efficient than other cooling devices, like air conditioners.

 Recently, General Electric published an article stating that an average electric central air conditioner consumes 5,000 watts of electricity during operation.

 By contrast, a ceiling fan consumes as little as just 30 watts when operating under average climate conditions. 

That’s over 165 times less electricity than consumed by your typical central air conditioner system!

Proposed ceiling fan regulations would increase the cost of ceiling fans, and reduce manufacturers’ ability to produce aesthetically pleasing devices marketable to consumers. 

As a result, energy savings from these efficiency standards would not outweigh the increase in energy consumption brought about by consumers forgoing ceiling fans and shifting to high-energy consumption devices and increased usage of existing devices. 

The Department of Energy’s proposed regulations on ceiling fans are absolutely counterproductive. They will encourage more energy consumption, they will reduce consumer choice, and they have the potential to destroy jobs. 

Americans need an energy policy to unleash our economy, not economically destructive dictates from Washington bureaucrats.   

This is yet another example of this administration double dipping in the pockets of Americans: using taxpayer dollars to raise prices on consumers. 

I urge a “yes” vote on this amendment.

I yield back the balance of my time.