Release: Education and Workforce Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Rokita's RAISE Act

Jul 25, 2012 Issues: Economy and Jobs


July 25, 2012                                                                    
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Education and Workforce Subcommittee Holds Hearing on RAISE Act

Rokita, Rubio bill would allow workers to earn merit raises and bonuses

(Washington, D.C.) – The House Committee on Education and the Workforce’s Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions (HELP), today held a hearing on the Rewarding Achievement and Incentivizing Successful Employees (RAISE) Act, introduced by Representative Todd Rokita.

Rokita, who serves on the subcommittee, issued the following statement at the conclusion of the hearing. 

“The testimony heard by the committee today was clear: the RAISE Act is common-sense legislation that would allow employees in Indiana and across the country to earn higher pay when they deserve it. By allowing employers to give merit raises and bonuses to workers who contribute positively to the success of their businesses, we can ensure that hard work and success are rewarded, not punished,” said Rokita.

Click here to see Rokita’s exchange with Dr. Tim Kane, Chief Economist of the Hudson Institute regarding the RAISE Act.


Rokita also quoted from a letter from Brett McMahon, President of Miller & Long DC, Inc., to subcommittee chairman Phil Roe expressing support for the RAISE Act. Click here to read the full letter.

The RAISE Act would amend the National Labor Relations Act by reforming the collective bargaining process to allow employers to give merit-based bonuses, raises, or other increases to an individual employee above the level set by the employee’s union contract.

Witnesses before the subcommittee voiced their support for the bill and other proposed reforms presented during the hearing, titled “Examining Proposals to Strengthen the National Labor Relations Act.” 

A Senate version of the RAISE Act was introduced by Senator Marco Rubio (FL) and was recently voted on as an amendment to the Senate farm bill, falling short of passage.

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Additional information on the hearing today, including a list of witnesses and an archived webcast can be found at


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