Rokita: “The Time for Education Reform in Indiana is Now”

Feb 10, 2011

Representative Todd Rokita (IN), a Member of the Education and the Workforce Committee, participated in a hearing today, “Education in the Nation: Examining the challenges and opportunities facing our nation’s classrooms.”  Indiana Superintendent Dr. Tony Bennett was a key witness on today’s panel, making the hearing especially relevant to Hoosiers.   Representative Rokita is committed to quality education reform in Indiana, strongly advocating for a return to local control, empowering parents and protecting taxpayers. Rokita released the following statement:

"The time for education reform in Indiana is now. The opportunity for successful 21st century achievement and the promise of a competitive workforce starts in the American classroom. It is my second biggest concern, next to the disintegration of the family unit.

Our country has fallen behind in nearly every subject, failing to improve basic reading and math scores and sliding deeper and deeper into academic achievement gaps. Education reform isn't easy but it is necessary. If our children are to attend quality schools, we must implement strong standards for school choice.

Parents need to be trusted to know what is best for their children and education funds should be personalized to enhance options for each family. The more the federal government has meddled in education, the more inefficient things have become. While spending has increased dramatically, student achievement has not. 

A bureaucrat in Washington does know what a third-grader in Avon, Indiana needs. We must localize education. We must empower parents and children by offering school choices and incentives for reaching world-class academic standards. This cannot wait any longer -- our future depends on it."