Rokita: The Fight For Our Lives

Jun 12, 2018 Issues: Defense and National Security



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TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018


Rokita: The Fight For Our Lives

Rokita speaks with radio host Dana Loesch about Sanctuary Cities and the SLAP Act



WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Last Friday, Congressman Todd Rokita spoke with NRA spokeswoman and radio host Dana Loesch about Philadelphia Mayor, James Kenney, who was filmed dancing and celebrating with his chief of staff after a judge ruled that the Trump Administration could not withhold grants to their city due to their sanctuary city policies that limits cooperation with federal immigration officials. Both Rokita and Loesch agreed that Mayor Kenney played into a larger liberal agenda to pander to illegal immigrants for possible future votes.

“That mayor wasn't dancing because he was empathetic to these illegal aliens or that he was trying to show a softer side, he was dancing because he had a chance at furthering his power and the power of his socialist democratic party,” said Congressman Rokita. “Fighting this elitism has become the fight of our lives and we have got to keep going.”

Congressman Rokita has worked fiercely against the flood of illegal immigration into the United States and currently has one of the toughest pieces of immigration legislation on Capitol Hill. The SLAP Act holds lawless state and local politicians accountable with criminal penalties for working to obstruct federal immigration enforcement efforts. You can learn more about the SLAP Act here and listen to the full interview with Dana Loesch here.