Rokita Hosts Second School Safety Summit

Oct 27, 2017 Issues: Education

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Rokita Hosts Second School Safety Summit


Plainfield, IN--“No child should ever fear going to school, and no parent should ever fear sending their child to school,” said Congressman Todd Rokita. “We need to have an open dialogue to learn from one another on how to address major issues like school safety. Today’s School Safety Summit was an opportunity for our school leaders, parents, students, and law enforcement to come together to hear about the warning signs for cyberbullying and opioid abuse. I truly appreciate everyone who came to the School Safety Summit because they are helping make sure our schools and community are safe,” concluded Rokita.

Congressman Rokita held his second School Safety Summit earlier today. The topics discussed included opioids and cyberbullying. Community leaders who have fought these issues like U.S. District Attorney Josh Minkler, who served as a critical ally in charging Buster Hernandez who threatened Plainfield and Brownsburg High School, also spoke at the event.



Congressman Todd Rokita hosts his second School Safety Summit discussing the opioids epidemic and cyberbullying.



Congressman Todd Rokita talks with students attending the School Safety Summit.