Rokita: ICE Is Right To Call For Holding Sanctuary City Politicians Criminally Responsible

Jan 3, 2018 Issues: Defense and National Security
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Rokita: ICE Is Right To Call For Holding Sanctuary City Politicians Criminally Responsible 
Congress must act on Rokita's SLAP Act to hold lawless politicians accountable
DANVILLE, IN - Today, Congressman Todd Rokita praised Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan's call for holding politicians accountable for harboring illegal immigrant criminals. Homan's call for holding sanctuary city politicians responsible is another reminder about the importance of passing Congressman Todd Rokita's SLAP Act (Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians HR 4526).
Yesterday, in an interview with FOX News, Homan called on the Department of Justice to file criminal charges against sanctuary city politicians and officials who fail to uphold federal immigration laws.
"Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan is absolutely right - these lawless politicians must be held criminally responsible for harboring illegal immigrant criminals," said Congressman Todd Rokita. "I have introduced the SLAP Act to hold these lawless politicians accountable, keep our communities safe, and to put an end to the dangerous sanctuary city policies that harbor illegal immigrant criminals."
In early December, Congressman Rokita introduced the SLAP Act, which would hold sanctuary city elected officials criminally responsible for obstructing federal immigration enforcement efforts. The SLAP Act would penalize violating politicians with sentences up to 5 years in prison and fines up to $1 million.