Rokita: It’s Time Our Country’s Policies Give Our Businesses The Ability To Thrive

Sep 27, 2017 Issues: Tax Reform

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Rokita: It’s Time Our Country’s Policies Give Our Businesses The Ability To Thrive

Advocates for Tax Reform


Washington, D.C--Congressman Todd Rokita is a strong advocate for tax reform. Last week he visited SRI Supplies to discuss the importance of tax reform. He also spoke with Vice President Pence about the importance of reform. Today, President Trump is visiting Indiana to talk about details of his tax reform plan. Congressman Rokita is glad to have the President in our home-state.

While at SRI Supplies, Congressman Rokita said, “I’m ready to reform our nation’s tax code. It will help your wallet and it will help this business and businesses just like it. We have some of the best products in the world, and it’s time our country’s policies give our businesses the ability to thrive.”  


Watch Congressman Rokita Discuss the Importance of Tax Reform by Clicking Here!

Congressman Rokita also voiced optimism about the start of tax reform in the House of Representatives. “Both Vice President Pence and President Trump have chosen to talk about tax reform in Indiana because our state has had success in reforming our tax code. Indiana will help serve as a model this week and going forward as the House of Representatives starts to create real reform for our overly complicated, out of date tax code. Together, I will with my colleagues and this Administration create a tax code that is simple and fair while helping encourage job creation and making sure our businesses can compete at home and abroad.”