Rokita Offers Amendment to Prevent TSA from Collective Bargaining

Washington, DC – Late Wednesday, Rep. Todd Rokita (IN-4) offered an amendment to the FY2012 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act to prevent federal funds from being used for collective bargaining by Transportation Security Administration unions.

Recently the Obama Administration announced a decision to allow the Transportation Security Administration and TSA unions to enter into collective bargaining agreements.  This would restrict our ability to meet ever-changing dangers and will add to already out-of-control federal spending, a highly irresponsible decision at a time the United States faces grave fiscal challenges. It would also limit the recourse citizens have when they are mistreated by TSA personnel.

“Since the creation of TSA 10 years ago, its unions have been prohibited from collective bargaining for good reason,”Rokita said.  “Collective bargaining agreements would hamper the critical nature of TSA agents’ national security responsibilities. TSA agents are no different than FBI, CIA, and Secret Service agents; we do not negotiate collective bargaining agreements with security personnel and TSA clearly falls within that category.”   

“Union demands will unquestionably make our transportation security more costly and less efficient,”Rokita added.  “And let's not ignore the fact that citizens who are mistreated by TSA agents will see their recourse greatly reduced, if not eliminated, by collective bargaining. I will work to ensure that collective bargaining does not impact the safety of any American or needlessly subject our rights and privacy to a union or its leaders.”

Watch the video here.