Rokita Receives Plainfield Chamber of Commerce Award

Oct 18, 2017

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Rokita Receives Plainfield Chamber of Commerce Award

Chamber of Commerce: Perfect Record Supporting Business


Plainfield, IN--Congressman Todd Rokita received the Spirit of Enterprise Award for his pro-business, pro-jobs record.

“Hoosiers have the best work ethic and the best products to offer. I am proud to represent Indiana by fighting for policies that help our businesses, create jobs, and cut unnecessary and burdensome government regulations,” said Congressman Todd Rokita.

Brad DuBois, CEO of the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce, commended Rokita for his efforts. He said, "It comes with great pleasure that a homegrown business in Hendricks County is able to host such an award for Congressman Rokita.  We thank the US Chamber of Commerce and we congratulate Congressman Rokita. We hope to see him continue his support of business and commerce in our small community, county, state and nation on the world stage."

The Spirit of Enterprise Award is given out to Members of Congress by the Chamber of Commerce. Recipients who align with the Chamber on at least 70% of the Chamber’s key votes receive this award. Congressman Rokita aligned with the Chamber on every single vote last year and he has aligned with the Chamber on 91% of votes since his election in 2010.

“This recognition from the Chamber of Commerce is truly an honor. I am proud to stand as their ally in Washington fighting for what truly matters, Hoosier families,” concluded Rokita.

Tom Donohue, CEO for the Chamber of Commerce also commended Rokita. Donohue said, "Businesses of all shapes and sizes need sound, commonsense policy in place in order to get off the ground, grow, and succeed.  The Spirit of Enterprise Award recognizes those members of Congress who have done what's right for our friends, family, and neighbors running businesses across the country. We applaud Congressman Rokita for his commitment to free enterprise and economic growth."