Rokita Response to Column on Border Crisis

Aug 5, 2014 Issues: Congressional Issues, Health

August 5, 2014

Contact: Zach Zagar
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During a Monday appearance of the Garrison Show on WIBC in Indianapolis, Rep. Todd Rokita expressed his concern regarding the potential health risks that the current state of our southern border presents. Subsequently, a reporter took the liberty of shortening a 30 minute interview to 30 seconds out of context. Then, the reporter went to print without contacting Rokita or his office. Rep. Rokita offered the following statement in reply:

The sudden spread of Ebola in Africa is merely one example of how we must take deliberate care to prevent an outbreak of any type of disease inside our borders. Actually listening to the interview I gave, in the context of the questions I was asked, makes this point clear. Also, reports exist showing that our porous southern border is attracting children and adults from over 75 countries, not just 3 Central American nations. So far, it's been said that the United States has found over 70 people from Ebola­-stricken African countries entering our country from the southern border since January of this year.

My larger point was also clear: we need to know the medical condition of EVERYONE crossing our border. Unfortunately, this information is not being given and the appropriate defenses are not being taken by the President to protect the safety and humane treatment of all involved, including the illegal aliens and American citizens. The flood of illegal immigrants at our border must be screened and immunized and should not be relocated around our country while they wait to determine their legal standing.”

Rokita’s comments pose the big questions Americans expect the media to be asking their elected representatives, including their President.


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