Rokita Supports Our Allies - Talks with Indiana AIPAC

Aug 16, 2017 Issues: Defense and National Security, Israel

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Rokita Supports Our Allies

Talks with Indiana AIPAC


Indianapolis, IN—Congressman Todd Rokita met with leaders of Indiana’s AIPAC community to talk about America's relationship with Israel. “The Israeli government is one of the only stable democracies in the Middle East and the stability they can bring to the table is something everyone globally should celebrate,” said Congressman Todd Rokita. “Everyone at this event is proof that our relationship with Israel is something very important to Hoosiers. This organization is working to strengthen our relationship. I am glad to see so many Hoosiers standing up in support of our ally and I am proud to stand with you. I am doing everything I can in Congress to ensure this relationship continues to grow, like when I supported the passage of sanctions against Iran and co-sponsored the Anti-Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Bill.  I also am a cosponsor of legislation that encourages the U.S. to work with Israel on peaceful exploration of space.”

Congressman Rokita strongly opposes the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement because it discourages cooperation with Israel and is rooted in anti-Semitism aimed at delegitimizing Israel.