Rokita: Trump Administration Right To Target California's Sanctuary City Laws

Mar 7, 2018 Issues: Defense and National Security

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Rokita: Trump Administration Right To Target California's Sanctuary City Laws
Renews Call for Congress to Debate and Pass NumbersUSA Endorsed SLAP Act


WASHINGTON, DC -- Today, Congressman Todd Rokita released the following statement praising the Trump Administration's Department of Justice for filing suit against California's dangerous sanctuary city policies. Congressman Rokita recently introduced one of the most aggressive pieces of legislation to date aimed at sanctuary city policies, the Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians Act, which has been endorsed by NumbersUSA.

"The Trump Administration is absolutely right to go after lawless politicians in California for their dangerous sanctuary city policies," said Congressman Todd Rokita. "We must put an end to sanctuary city policies that ignore the rule of law and put the interest of illegal immigrant criminals ahead of American citizens. I'm proud that we have a President in the White House who fights for the safety of Americans and is taking this issue head-on." 

Congressman Rokita has been a committed ally of President Trump and his administration to end illegal immigration, build a wall, and stop dangerous sanctuary cities. 

In December, Congressman Todd Rokita introduced the SLAP ACT (Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians) which would establish the toughest penalties yet for sanctuary city politicians who ignore federal immigration enforcement. Congressman Rokita has also been a strong supporter of Kate's Law that would defund sanctuary cities.