Rokita: Trump Showed Strong, Clear Stance to the UN

Sep 19, 2017 Issues: Defense and National Security

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Rokita: Trump Showed Strong, Clear Stance to the UN

A Night and Day Difference Between Trump and Obama


West Lafayette, I.N.--Congressman Todd Rokita commends President Trump for his presidential leadership following the President’s speech to the United Nation’s General Assembly.

“President Trump has shown our world tremendous leadership since taking office. His speech to the United Nation’s General Assembly showed a strong, and clear stance in regards to North Korea, Iran and the threats they pose to the United States and the world. As a Member of Congress during this Administration and President Obama’s, I can confidently say that this is a night and day difference from President Obama’s stance eight years ago.”

“President Trump  reminded the rest of the world that we have fought for them, and we have lost American lives because of this fight. We continue to support our allies and the rest of the world. But, the American people must always come first just like the citizens of each other country should come first for their government. This is the way to achieve peace and I am proud to stand with President Trump to work towards this goal.”

“Our great friend and ally, the State of Israel, was also in the audience for the President’s speech. Israel is represented by another great leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu.”