Rokita: A Win for Hoosier Workers

Jun 27, 2018 Issues: Economy and Jobs

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Rokita: A Win for Hoosier Workers

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Congressman Todd Rokita, member of the Education and Workforce Committee, released this statement after the Supreme Court ruled for Mark Janus in the case Janus v. AFSCME, which fought a decades-old precedent that allowed unions to collect fees from public employees, including those who were not a part of a union.

“Hoosiers will no longer be mandated to pay dues into unions by liberal elites who want to spread their message on someone else’s dime,” said Congressman Todd Rokita. “Forcing Hoosiers to pay for the political activism of unions violates the beliefs of many workers who do not want to financially support political dogma that is not their own. This long-awaited ruling is a win for all Hoosier workers.”

Congressman Rokita is a long-time advocate of worker’s rights and is a supporter of Indiana’s right-to-work laws. Rokita believes that no worker should be forced to pay labor union dues, especially when those dues are often used for political advocacy. According to the Center for Union Facts, labor unions have sent more than $1.3 billion in member dues to liberal advocacy groups, without member approval. That is 99 percent of all union political contributions. These groups include the Democratic Governors Association, Clinton Foundation, and Planned Parenthood.