Press Releases

June 13

Rokita: Continuing to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Congress must take action to stop this crisis, and we can do this by helping ensure that our communities have the resources and education needed to end this crippling epidemic.

June 12

Rokita: The Fight For Our Lives

That mayor wasn't dancing because he was empathetic to these illegal aliens or that he was trying to show a softer side, he was dancing because he had a chance at furthering his power and the power of his socialist democratic party.

June 12

Rokita: An Unprecedented Moment in History

We finally have a commander in chief who, rather than lead from behind, has embraced challenges and inspired a new era of American leadership and diplomacy.

June 8

Rokita: Breaking the Cycle of Reckless Spending

his package cuts over $15 billion in unused government funds and is a step forward in breaking the cycle of reckless spending that has plagued Washington for decades.

June 7

Rokita: Fighting to Prevent Youth Opioid Addiction

We must end this addiction that is taking hold of our future generations. That is why I will continue to work with President Trump through my chairmanship of the K-12 subcommittee to develop solutions that educate and prevent young Americans from being destroyed by this debilitating epidemic.

June 6

Rokita: Veterans Come First

Issues: Veterans

In America, our veterans must come first. It is unacceptable how many burdens have been placed on our veterans because of the failed VA bureaucracy.

June 4

Rokita: Tolerance Works Both Ways

One of the reasons our Founding Fathers wrote the First Amendment was to protect Americans from being forced to contradict their religious beliefs.

May 25

Rep. Rokita’s Statement on Noblesville West Middle School Shooting

Issues: Education

Hoosiers are standing strong with the Noblesville community. We continue to pray for and support Noblesville West Middle School and the student and teacher who are currently hospitalized.

May 24

Rokita: Taking the Fight Back to the Bad Guys

Our military is finally empowered to take the fight back to the bad guys.

May 22

Rokita: Rolling Back Washington Red Tape to Help Grow Indiana’s Economy

Passing this bill is a huge victory for my office’s Red Tape Rollback Program. It reverses major financial regulatory burdens on our economy from the Obama Administration.