Press Releases

April 12

Rokita on Balanced Budget Amendment: My Priority is the Prosperity of Hoosier Families

My priority is the prosperity of Hoosier families and that is why I stand by the Balanced Budget Amendment and voting against reckless spending deals that have increased our debt and deficit.

April 12

Rokita Leads Letter To Terminate Citibank’s Contract Because of Their Anti-Second Amendment Policies

Those who seek to undermine those God-given rights do not deserve taxpayer dollars and should be denied federal contracts.

April 4

Rokita: The Era of Leaving Our Border Open Is Over

The era of leaving our border open, and our brave border patrol agents without backup, is over. I firmly back President Trump, who refuses to stand idly by as thousands from Central America march toward our border.

April 4

Rokita: Honoring Two Men Who Brought Peace In Times of Chaos

RFK honored Martin Luther King Jr., a man whose commitment to service and justice was unparalleled in American history and was sorrowfully taken from our world too soon.

March 29

Rep. Rokita: May We Never Take for Granted Those Who Served in Vietnam

Issues: Veterans

May we never take for granted the dedication and patriotism of those who served in Vietnam.

March 28

Rokita: Common Sense Move By Trump Administration To Re-Add Citizenship Question To Census

In order to have fair and accurate elections, we must have a meticulous count of legal citizens. Illegal immigrants should not be factored into figures used to draw voting districts.

March 28

FreedomWorks Endorses Rokita’s CRUMBS Act

Organizations like FreedomWorks have always fought to promote free markets and individual liberty and are dedicated to lowering taxes and empowering the American worker.

March 26

Americans For Tax Reform Endorses Rokita’s CRUMBS Act

President Trump's tax cuts has led to millions of Americans seeing more money in their paychecks and increased benefits and bonuses.

March 22

Rokita: Omnibus is The Washington Swamp at its Worst

Once again, leadership in Congress has failed President Trump and the American people by forcing us to vote on a $1.3 trillion bill that no one could have read, that doesn't defund sanctuary cities, that doesn't defund abortion provider Planned Parenthood, and fails to fund an effective wall.

March 13

Rep. Todd Rokita Introduces Resolution To Condemn Farrakhan

I urge my House colleagues to join me in condemning Louis Farrakhan's hateful and anti-semitic attacks, while also reaffirming our nation's commitment to our Jewish neighbors and our greatest ally, the nation of Israel.