Press Releases

January 18

Rokita To March With Hoosiers At 45th Annual March For Life

I look forward to joining so many committed pro-life Hoosiers as we March for Life in the nation’s capital.

January 18

Rokita: Amazon HQ2 In Indiana Would Mean Hoosier Jobs

The strong Indiana business environment is a testament to principled pro-growth leadership and hardworking Hoosiers.

January 17

Rokita on FOX News: Trump Administration is Right to Consider Criminal Charges For Sanctuary City Officials

We have local politicians who are ignoring the rule of law. You know, a fundamental concept of this country was founded on.

January 9

Rokita Calls For Sanctuary City Defunding In Spending Bill

President Donald Trump is absolutely right, we must put an end to these sanctuary cities that threaten the safety of Americans.

January 3

Rokita: ICE Is Right To Call For Holding Sanctuary City Politicians Criminally Responsible

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan is absolutely right - these lawless politicians must be held criminally responsible for harboring illegal immigrant criminals.

December 19

Rokita: Historic Tax Cuts For Hoosiers

Issues: Tax Reform

This historic tax reform is going to help the American people keep more of their hard earned money, create more opportunity and make American businesses more competitive at home and abroad.

December 12

Rokita: President Trump is Following Through on His Promises to Our Military

We have the best military in the world and now with this legislation our troops will have resources they need to protect us, and they will receive the care and pay they deserve.

December 12

PROSPER Act: Opening the Door to Make American Students the Best in the World

Issues: Education

This reform is going to help give students and parents the reassurance that their degrees are workforce relevant.

December 6

Rokita Fights for Concealed Carry Reciprocity

H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act will ensure that the rights of all law-abiding Hoosiers to bear arms will be respected no matter which state they visit.

December 6

Rokita: Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, the US Embassy Rightfully Belongs There

While presidents from both parties have called for this recognition of Israel, President Trump is the first president to take action.