Press Releases

August 16

Rokita Supports Our Allies

I am glad to see so many Hoosiers standing up in support of our ally and I am proud to stand with you.

August 5

Rokita Mourns with Indiana

Over the last two weeks our communities have had to mourn the loss of many community leaders trying to protect our families. Last week we mourned the loss of two Indianapolis police officers: Deputy Chief of Investigations James Waters from the Indianapolis Police Department and Lieutenant Aaron Allan from the Southport Police Department.

July 28

Senate Inability to Repeal and Replace is a Big Missed Opportunity

Issues: Health

Unfortunately, too many in Washington are more concerned about what people in Washington think about ObamaCare than the human toll in Indiana and other states.

July 28

Rokita Statement After Indianapolis Loses Two Police Officers

The loss of Deputy Chief James Waters and Lieutenant Aaron Allan are both substantial losses for our entire community.

July 28

Rokita: Senate Inability to Repeal and Replace is a Big Missed Opportunity

Issues: Health

The Senate’s inability to repeal and replace Obamacare last night is a big missed opportunity to begin putting the American healthcare system back together.

July 25

Rokita Sanctions North Korea, Iran, and Russia

President Trump and Vice President Pence are going to change this and today Congress pushed forward a bill with sanctions to support their efforts.

July 20

Rokita Working Hard to Keep Products Made in America

Hoosiers make quality products and I am proud to advocate for policies that will help our small, medium, and large businesses.

July 19

Rokita Optimistic Moving the Budget Forward

The future of our nation demands that my colleagues and I create a balanced budget and that means acting now.

July 13

ICYMI: Rokita Leads Discussion on the Importance of Early Childhood Programs

Issues: Education

The federal government should not be making the job of navigating the system more difficult through a confusing maze of federal programs. Luckily for parents, states have stepped up to the plate.

July 11

ICYMI: Rokita Calls on Congress to Postpone August Recess

Issues: Health

am calling on my Congressional colleagues to postpone the August recess until we fulfill our promise to repeal Obamacare.